Product Spotlight: Percona

Michael Coburn, Product Manager for Percona Monitoring and Management


Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free, open source database monitoring and performance optimization tool for MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. PMM builds upon other popular open source projects including Grafana, Prometheus, and Consul, that are deployed in your environment on your equipment (not a SaaS) for maximum security and reliability. PMM provides two views on your database performance: Query Analytics provides information about queries running in your
database, and Metrics Monitor plots database metrics over time.

Query Analytics helps you optimize database performance by identifying those queries in MySQL and MongoDB that consume the most amount of resources, providing clarity on which queries deserve attention first. Query Analytics highlights the following query attributes:

  • Query response time, locks, rows sent, rows examined
  • Percona Server for MySQL only: InnoDB operations: reads, waits, Temporary Table usage
  • MySQL query plan information via EXPLAIN in table and JSON format so you can evaluate the level of optimization Metrics Monitor displays database activity over time, including:
  • MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL: Queries Per Second (QPS), replication, storage engine-specific (InnoDB, Wired- Tiger, MyRocks, RocksDB, MMAPv1, MyISAM, In-Memory, TokuDB, and Aria engines)
  • System-level resources: CPU, Load, Memory, Network Other important features of PMM include:
  • High Availability support via ProxySQL Overview dashboard
  • Amazon RDS & Amazon Aurora for MySQL and PostgreSQL—PMM consumes & displays Cloud- Watch metrics in order to provide a full picture of database activity in RDS
  • External Exporters—Graph any service using PMM!

Download your free copy of PMM at