Product Spotlight: Percona

Matt Yonkovit Chief Experience Officer

Percona Monitoring and Management is a best of breed open source database monitoring solution that helps enterprises reduce complexity, simplify management, optimize performance and improve security for business critical database environments no matter where they are located — on-prem or in the cloud.

  • Reduce complexity for your DevOps and DBA teams with a single tool that lets you view and monitor all of your open source database environments — MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MariaDB — no matter how they are deployed — bare metal, virtual, or container — on-prem or in the cloud — AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.
  • Improve visibility of your database environment using service-level dashboards.
  • Simplify management by grouping like systems together using standard or custom tags.
  • Quickly identify and remediate issues with dashboards that make it easy to visualize and identify slow running queries and review detailed metrics.
  • Optimize database performance and reduce data exposure with Query Analytics, enabling you to analyze and identify potential issues.
  • Increase database security using the Security Threat Tool to quickly identify and mitigate common database security risks for all of your open source databases.
  • Ensure compliance with the ability to run regular security checks, get alerts when databases do not pass, and audit your security check history.

Percona has helped thousands of customers solve even the most complex database challenges — we can help you too!

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