Product Spotlight: Progress

Tanya O’Connor,
Senior Product


Being responsible for growing databases has never been more challenging. You’re likely facing the need to handle exponential increases in data—and much of that sensitive data—while protecting it from what is becoming a regular cadence of news-making security breaches. It’s no longer enough to keep your systems up and running 24x7, you have to keep your guard up as well. Look no further than Progress to provide a set of exceptional tools and capabilities that enable you to readily protect your OpenEdge database and navigate today’s fast moving digital universe. Progress OpenEdge Advanced Enterprise Edition (AEE) for example, offers a six-in-one solution that provides continuous operations and data protection. It includes OpenEdge Replication, which helps you avoid the lost revenue and disruption that comes from outages and unplanned downtime with near real-time data duplication for disaster recovery. Another component is OpenEdge Management, which allows your IT team to proactively monitor and keep your application running smoothly from anywhere, monitoring database use in real-time and troubleshooting impending problems. And OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is an out-of-thebox solution that uses a standard encryption library and encryption key management to provide secure, encrypted data-at-rest?even during a breach. OpenEdge AEE offers a number of other data management components like OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC) and Multi-tenant Tables for cloud applications. Find out how OpenEdge AEE can help you cost-effectively manage your data at