Product Spotlight: Progress

Todd Wright Senior Product Marketing Manager

With greater amounts of data coming from more sources, organizations know more about their business than ever before—and can make more informed decisions. However, holding this increased amount of information and using it for the purposes of business intelligence and analytics comes with certain expectations—namely, adhering to privacy and security regulations. If GDPR and CCPA has taught organizations anything, it’s that privacy and security must be priority number one. That’s where Progress DataDirect can help. DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline was created not only with the ability to access multiple data sources and populate strategic data into your preferred BI or Analytics solutions but also with security top of mind.

Hybrid Data Pipeline provides unmatched data security such as:

  • Identity management. Provision data sources to manage user and role-based access to data, ensuring better security and governance.
  • Operational visibility into data source utilization to see not only who accessed your data, but what they accessed.
  • Ability to eliminate productivity roadblocks like setting up VPNs, whitelisting IP addresses, and reconfiguring corporate firewalls.
  • Consistently apply corporate authentication models to any data source regardless of native support.
To learn more about the DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline, we have created this short video to give you a better look and, of course, we are always available if you have any questions.

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