Product Spotlight: Progress DataDirect

Todd Wright Senior Product Marketing Manager

Progress DataDirect is the provider of choice for organizations that need data to fuel their analytics, business intelligence, and operational programs. With a wide array of data connectors and sources, DataDirect ensures you have the data you need—when you need it.

With thousands of organizations using DataDirect, including the 80% of analytics and BI providers that embed DataDirect, software vendors and end users have been able to achieve:

  • High performance: DataDirect minimizes latency and maximizes data processing capabilities. This means faster application performance and improved user experiences.
  • Robust security: DataDirect prioritizes data security, providing robust encryption and authentication features to safeguard organizations’ data against threats and breaches.
  • Ease of use: User-friendly and intuitive interfaces from DataDirect make accessing data for downstream applications and systems easier, reducing time and resources for IT departments.

To learn more about DataDirect and the solutions we provide for data connectivity, please contact us at