Product Spotlight: Pythian

Pythian’s Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) QuickStart is a convenient solution that integrates data from different sources to show quick value. Our EDP is scalable and extensible, allowing as many data pipelines as needed to support your enterprise analytics without compromising on performance. EDP QuickStart is the fastest, lowest-risk way to demonstrate ROI, helping businesses see meaningful results in weeks.

EDP QuickStart helps organizations visualize multisource data, eliminating frustrating data silos. It quickly uncovers integrated business insights that are rich, broad, clean, and easily consumed by stakeholders throughout your organization.

When harnessed correctly, data is a critical advantage against competitors and other external factors impacting your business. EDP QuickStart works with all business intelligence tools and can scale from a minimum viable product to a complete production system. When it comes time for future development efforts, there’s no need to start from scratch.

Being data-driven will provide you with the confidence to be bold with informed decision-making. EDP QuickStart begins the journey toward transforming your organization and falling in love with your data. If you’d like to understand where you are on your analytics journey, click here to take our Analytics assessment.