Product Spotlight: Quest

John Pocknell Senior Market Strategist Quest

SharePlex allows users to replicate Oracle data to achieve high availability, increase scalability, integrate data, provide offload reporting and feed data streaming applications such as Kafka, and is offered with an all-in-one license that includes change data capture, conflict resolution, data comparison and synchronization, and more.

As business complexity increases, IT resiliency continues to be an essential factor in enabling an effective business continuity strategy, so with the latest version of SharePlex, Oracle data can now be continuously replicated to Microsoft Azure to support numerous IT resiliency use cases such as maintaining high availability Oracle instances in Azure VM, active/active replication between on-premises Oracle Database to Oracle on Azure VM, and multi-cloud support with replication from Amazon AWS (EC2 or RDS) to Azure.

The demand for greater insights into business data is a critical factor in driving growth, so companies are looking to leverage high-speed data streaming to feed their analytics platforms in order to make faster, more informed strategic decisions. SharePlex facilitates continuous high-speed replication of Oracle data to Azure Event Hubs.

As companies look to diversify their database estate, they are considering other data platforms such as Azure SQL Database or SQL Server in Azure VM for offload reporting and business intelligence. Oracle data can be moved to a reporting database or BI tools in Azure SQL Database or SQL Server in real-time, ensuring that report consumers have up-to-date information.

SharePlex combines affordable, risk-free data replication combined with award-winning 24x7 support and 95%+ customer satisfaction.