Product Spotlight: Quest SharePlex

SharePlex by Quest enables users to create Oracle and PostgreSQL architectures that support high availability, disaster recovery, scalability, migrations, and distributed instances across regions. With SharePlex, you can replicate Oracle and PostgreSQL data—at a fraction of the price of native tools. SharePlex includes conflict resolution, data comparison and synchronization, and more.

Are you considering moving Oracle databases to Postgres? SharePlex enables you to completely avoid service disruptions with its robust active-active database replication and database synchronization. SharePlex builds your target automatically, eliminating the need for deep expertise and manual work. Maintain an accurate, real-time copy of your production data to migrate databases without risk. Keep your source and target in sync until testing is complete.

SharePlex also enables you to build enterprise-grade Postgres architectures to help you meet scaling and integration requirements, as well as active-active and reliable high-availability and disaster recovery options to ensure service quality, meet SLAs, and ensure business continuity.

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Hear the best practices and strategies for Oracle to Postgres transitions in our webcast series Mastering Modernization: Best Practices and Strategies for Oracle to Postgres Transitions featuring Hans-Jürgen Schönig, the CEO and technical lead of CYBERTEC PostgreSQL International, a market leader that has worked with PostgreSQL since the 90s.

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