Product Spotlight: RedPoint Global

Dale Renner
CEO and Founder

RedPoint Global

Consumers are more empowered than ever before, and they are willing to leave brands that fail to meet their expectations. Providing a consistent, highly-personalized experience across every customer touchpoint is what consumers expect, and it has become a strategic imperative for brands, financial institutions, consumer goods, hospitality organizations, and retailers alike.

RedPoint Global provides market-leading data management and customer engagement technology that empowers organizations to optimize customer value and deliver their brand promise with high contextual relevance across all touchpoints. The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub™ delivers a unified view of each customer, in-line analytics to determine next-best actions, and intelligent orchestration to personalize engagement across the enterprise. Leading companies of all sizes trust the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub to power their customer engagement strategy and drive profitable revenue growth.

The RedPoint Global Customer Engagement Hub provides powerful insights into customer behaviors and preferences, and enables organizations to deliver contextually relevant brand experiences across all interaction points in a way that optimizes customer engagement. RedPoint taps into any and all data sources—structured or unstructured—while resolving anonymous to known customer identities using the most advanced probabilistic and heuristic matching algorithms available in the market today.

The platform combines precise customer views, advanced analytics, and real-time intelligent orchestration, providing a customer engagement hub that orchestrates action across all touchpoints and integrates with the vast ecosystem of marketing technologies. All of this enables organizations to drive higher revenue and lifetime customer value while lowering interaction costs.

RedPoint Global