Product Spotlight: RedPoint Global

Dale Renner, CEO

RedPoint Global

Consumers are more empowered than ever before and are willing to leave brands that fail to meet expectations. Providing a consistent, highly personalized experience across every customer touchpoint is what consumers expect, and has become a strategic imperative for brands, financial institutions, consumer goods, hospitality organizations, and retailers alike.

The RedPoint Global Customer Engagement Hub™ (CEH) enables business to overcome data silos, while leveraging business rules and processes to personalize information for the customer in real time. It does this by recognizing the customer in context, utilizing AI and machine learning to build a detailed customer profile, determine the next-best action, and manage delivery and intelligent orchestration of offer management. Through an open garden approach and utilization of content from NoSQL and document databases, RedPoint provides an agile, open, connected architecture that can leverage existing marketing technology and easily incorporate new technology advancements.

RedPoint CEH integrates with the vast ecosystem of marketing technologies and offers marketers continuously updated insights into how each customer transacts with your organization, including preferences, behaviors, offers, purchases, and latest interactions across every touchpoint. This enables organizations to drive higher revenue and lifetime customer value while lowering interaction costs, truly engaging the customer where, when and how each individual prefers.

RedPoint Global