Product Spotlight: Redgate

Your estate is growing rapidly, you’re moving to new technologies, but the size of your team isn’t growing at the same rate. Sound familiar?

SQL Monitor from Redgate is an estate monitoring tool that allows you to do more with less, with customers typically reporting that it saves them up to six hours a day. Offering complete support for SQL Server hosted on-premises or in the cloud, you can monitor servers, availability groups, Virtual Machines, Amazon RDS instances, Azure databases, elastic pools, and Managed Instances from the same dashboard. You get an instant overview and can drill down for additional metrics tailored to the type of database you’re looking at.

With instant diagnosis, customizable alerts, and the entire estate’s data visible on a single pane of glass, SQL Monitor makes a DBA’s daily life easier today, while ensuring the challenges of estate growth are no big issue tomorrow.

And it’s not just DBAs and developers who benefit. SQL Monitor’s ability to provide accessible insights into the server status and performance enhances collaboration between teams and brings value to the entire organization.

“SQL Monitor has changed the culture of the team and made our jobs more enjoyable and productive.”
— Matt, Senior DBA at Mamas & Papas

With SQL Monitor in place, you’ll have more time to add value to your organization elsewhere. Now available as an affordable annual subscription, contact Redgate to start your free trial today.