Product Spotlight: Redgate

The number of your databases is growing rapidly, you’re moving (parts of it) to the cloud, but the size of your team isn’t growing at the same rate. Sound familiar?

Redgate SQL Monitor allows database teams to manage the entire database estate from one central dashboard—no matter whether your databases are hosted on-premises, on Virtual Machines, or in Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

Real-time, customizable alerts ensure you’ll be the first to know about performance problems and can analyze them with a focused set of metrics to quickly pinpoint the root cause. You can then drill down to assess both current and historic metrics for your databases such as top queries, waits, tempdb, and more. SQL Monitor also keeps your environment running smoothly by identifying out-of-date
RDBMS versions, predicting disk space requirements, helping to understand backups, and more.

“SQL Monitor saves me a couple of hours a day, at least. If it’s a really bad day, it probably saves me six hours.”—Robbie, Database Administrator, Interactive Intelligence.

And it’s not just DBAs who benefit. SQL Monitor’s ability to provide accessible insights into the database status and performance enhances collaboration between operations and development teams and brings value to the entire organization.

“As a developer, being able to look up at the monitor and see if things are breaking is very helpful. You immediately see when something goes red and there’s an issue.”—Jacob, SQL Specialist, Orifarm.

With SQL Monitor in place, you’ll increase productivity, enhance team collaboration, and help your bottom line by enabling your teams with a tool to proactively mitigate potential database risks and optimize performance.

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