Product Spotlight: Revelation Software

Mike Ruane,
President and CEO

Revelation Software
OpenInsight 10

OpenInsight 10, from Revelation Software, is the latest release of a Windows-based Database Application Development Toolkit, which was first released in 1992. Over 25 years of expertise and lessons learned have gone into the development and crafting of this release. With a look and feel that the modern developer expects and has become used to, OpenInsight 10 will still run those applications made anywhere within the last quarter-century, and bring them forward, allowing years more of productive and effective use of existing software, and skillsets.

But the computing world has changed a bit since 1992, and OpenInsight 10 has kept pace with these changes. New network topologies, operating systems, security requirements, volumes of data, sources of data, and reporting requirements are all addressed in this new release, and will continue to be addressed and enhanced as new technologies emerge.

Now, desktop solutions are fine for some applications, but other applications need to be run on browsers, or on mobile devices. For that, we recommend using O4W—OpenInsight for the Web, also included with OpenInsight 10. A browser-based tool, to make browser-based applications
O4W allows developers to use their existing skills, and leverage them out and onto the web.

We think that we have a pretty good product with Open-Insight. With millions of users at hundreds of thousands of sites, we have a customer base that we want to continue to support and enable to do their jobs, whatever they may be. OpenInsight might be an answer to your application and database needs. If you haven’t already, how about you give us a try?

Revelation Software