Product Spotlight: Revelation Software

Mike Ruane, President and CEO

Revelation Software

OpenInsight 10 might be the most visually appealing, intuitive, MultiValue development tool on the market today. Whether you and your staff have been developing since Dick Pick was still cutting code, or you have new hires just coming out of school, OpenInsight will let you leverage your skills and expertise to create brand new applications, or update and modernize your current offerings.

Other vendors and products offer tools promising similar outcomes. With OpenInsight, you don’t need to learn a new language like Java or Python. OpenInsight uses BASIC—the same programming language you’re familiar with, with new functions and calls. So, the commands
you know, the functions, the case-insensitivity of the programs, IF/THEN/ELSE structures instead of spaces: they’re all available in OpenInsight.

Do you want to program in a green screen editor? You can. Or would you prefer a newer one, with keyword coloring, code tips, and interactive, context sensitive help? You can do that as well.

These editors, as well as Form Designers, Reporting Tools, Database Tools, are all contained in OpenInsight’s IDE: Integrated Design Environment. You’ll recognize the look and feel of this tool and will pick it up easily and discover it’s the exact thing needed to bring your MultiValue application up to customers’ current expectations. A graphical, intuitive, easy to use application.

Why learn a new language and environment, such as Python, when there’s an application development tool that will give you the same end result, but leverages your existing experience and skillset? Give OpenInsight a try. You’re going to love it.

Revelation Software