Product Spotlight: Revelation Software

Mike Ruane President and CEO

“2020 has been quite the year…” an understatement if there has ever been one. Here at Revelation Software, it has been as challenging to us and to our customers.

What trend did we see this year? An exploding demand to work from anywhere. The office, the house, a hotel room, a plane, or train with connectivity: Our customers and their customers need to access their systems and their data from everywhere.

There are tools that let users remote into their office systems, but they can be expensive, and printing becomes an issue sometimes, and there are other various headaches. Something we have seen is customers taking their data off of their local networks, placing it in the cloud, and accessing it with their OpenInsight systems. Once they have done that, they can work with their system from wherever, whenever.

The process is not as simple as flipping a switch, but it is not terribly difficult either. Knowing that your system has to be more transactional, and that more work will be done on the back end, and less work on the front end, is a paradigm change similar to that of moving an application to a client-server model. Changes will need to be made in screen processing, calculated columns, security and the like, but the immediate benefits will result in long-term gains as well. Once an application’s design has been modified to the cloud, it is a short hop to converting to a browser-based application.

A second trend is for our customers to offer a portion of their system functionality as software as a service, usually by way of a restful API. Revelation Software’s investment in web tools over the years is paying off again. These two trends are complementary—the same client-server paradigm applies. So, optimizing for one use case paves the way for success with the other.

With so many norms shattered over the past year, and many with poor outcomes, we’re pleased that Revelation-based systems continue to offer our customers a path forward in an ever-changing landscape.

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