Product Spotlight: Revelation Software

Mike Ruane President and CEO

Why Use OpenInsight?

Well, if you are in need of a database development tool that comes with a development environment, reporting tools, is web-enabled and ready, comes with its own database engine, or can use SQL or MultiValue data sources, is affordable, easy to learn and use, can support from one user to thousands, then OpenInsight from Revelation Software is a good match for those needs.

OpenInsight from Revelation Software is a robust application development and data management platform that offers compelling reasons for its adoption. First and foremost, OpenInsight excels in its flexibility, allowing users to develop applications for various platforms, including Windows and web environments, with a single codebase. This adaptability simplifies the development process and ensures that applications can reach a broader audience.

One standout feature is its MultiValue database, providing a scalable and efficient way to manage and retrieve data. This is particularly advantageous for businesses dealing with large datasets or requiring quick and reliable access to information. OpenInsight’s integrated development environment (IDE) streamlines the application development lifecycle, offering tools for
designing, testing, and deploying applications seamlessly.

Moreover, OpenInsight prioritizes ease of use, empowering both seasoned developers and those new to application development. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation facilitate a smoother learning curve, allowing users to leverage its capabilities more quickly.

Revelation Software’s commitment to ongoing innovation and support ensures that OpenInsight stays current with industry trends and technological advancements. Regular updates and a responsive support system contribute to a positive user experience, making OpenInsight a dependable choice for organizations seeking a versatile, efficient, and well-supported
development platform.

Revelation Software