Product Spotlight: Robin Systems

Premal Buch,

Robin Systems
Robin Cloud Platform (RCP)

Robin Cloud Platform (RCP) powered by containers, enables application- defined lifecycle management at scale, optimized for distributed Big Data and NoSQL clusters such as Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Elastic, as well as RDBMSs—Oracle (including RAC), MS-SQL, MySQL and Postgres.

Powered by and for modern container technology (Docker and/or LXc), RCP is purpose-built for stateful applications and stacks where standard cluster collections orchestration falls short. While RCP can easily handle stateless micro-services based apps, its forte is with the stateful, distributed and complex data-centric ones that require so much more than “a Docker storage plug-in.”

Built upon a unique container-aware block storage, with robust cluster networking overlay, and application-aware fabric—RCP uniquely allows for entire application snapshots, clones, scale in/out, up/down, move, multi-site and much more. With the pooling of compute and storage
resources, RCP enables scaling each independently, guaranteeing IOPS and SLAs and increased application utilization—eliminating infrastructure silos. RCP offers reach GUI, CLI or complete REST API automation and easy integration into all host services from SSO to monitoring, etc.

Uniquely, RCP can tie an entire business pipeline of applications to its member application/s to respective cluster/s and container/s to mounted storage volume/s to storage blocks across disks across storage nodes—the entire IO path and guaranteed IOPS and performance across.

Robin Systems