Product Spotlight: Robin Systems

Premal Buch, CEO

Robin Systems

Robin is the hyper-converged Kubernetes platform for big data, databases, and AI/ML. Robin helps enterprises achieve faster realization of critical IT and business initiatives like containerization, cloud migration, multi-cloud strategy, data analytics, and cost consolidation.

Enterprise customers today have to develop custom workflows to deploy and manage each application in their big data/AI/ML pipelines and operational databases, and repeat that for each on-premise and cloud installation, leading to high cost, complexity, and time-to-value. With Hyper-converged Kubernetes, Robin is the only solution that embeds application lifecycle management into an integrated storage, network, and cloud infrastructure stack.

As a result, only Robin makes these applications agnostic of infrastructure choices, elevates every data application to a simple managed service-like experience, and automates deployment and lifecycle management of applications and data, leading to higher agility and lower cost.

For DevOps and IT architects, Robin brings agility to react to LoB and CXO asks, higher DevOps productivity, as well as infrastructure utilization, and extends Kubernetes benefits to big data and databases without new staffing or complex projects. Robin provides 1-click deploy, snapshot, clone, scale, and upgrade for big data and databases. Robin enables 1-click cloud migration for applications including data, and guarantees QoS and SLA while consolidating big data and database workloads.

Robin enables CIOs to execute a faster roll-out of critical IT initiatives (containerization, cloud migration, multi-cloud strategy, cost-consolidation) and business initiatives (AI/ML, analytics projects), while empowering the staff with self-service infrastructure and accountability.

Robin Systems