Product Spotlight: Rocket

Chris Rizza Product Manager

A global challenge we hear about time and again from Rocket® MultiValue customers relates to hiring and retaining new development talent to work on critical MultiValue-based business applications built on Rocket® UniVerse, a core component of the Rocket MultiValue Application Platform. In response, we’ve added two free, modern development tools that complement UniVerse. The first, Rocket® MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code, gives developers a modern and powerful editor. Visual Studio Code has thousands of excellent extensions for productivity and offers flexible customization and strong extensibility. Our first release of Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code, in beta now, focuses on editing and future releases will empower developers to debug. It will be available on the VS Code Marketplace.

UniVerse also provides native Python language support; Python is a modern language popular with young developers. The introduction of Rocket® UniObjects for Python (UOPY) (available on gives users a powerful, cost-effective Python solution while providing greater flexibility to development teams. Programmers can now develop full stack in a single, modern language, use the entire Python ecosystem with many third-party libraries, and remotely access UniVerse data and business logic in Python. The Pythonic interface and capabilities of UOPY allow organizations to spend less time and money developing, maintaining, and supporting their applications.

The Rocket MultiValue team is dedicated to making development both faster and more efficient, while providing tools that appeal to new development talent. By using these free, modern development options, the application enhancement options are literally endless.