Product Spotlight: Rocket

Kathy Larson Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Application Modernization

Here at Rocket® Software, we’re committed to ensuring Rocket® UniVerse is performant, secure, and easy to use with modern features and supporting tools. Case in point? UniVerse 12.2.1, released in October 2022. What makes UniVerse trend setting? If you’re a customer, you’ll find features you’ve been asking for such as BASIC Code Profiling for insight into application performance analysis so you can quickly determine bottlenecks and performance improvement areas in your BASIC code.

We’ve also enhanced the Recoverable File System (RFS) so you can recover from a crash without worrying about corrupted data. UniVerse 12.2.1 also includes industrial strength security and compliance features, such as OpenSSL 1.1.1n, Change Data Capture, and audit capabilities. Looking for modern tools to keep your application relevant and to fill the skills gap? UniVerse boasts modern tools like the MV Performance Experience for quickly identifying and addressing performance issues, MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code and UniObjects for Python for attracting and retaining new development talent, and MVIS for quickly integrating your MultiValue app with third-party apps, building modern web apps, and deploying your apps anywhere. And all these tools are free with your maintenance contract. New configuration options in UniVerse 12.2.1 make it easier for you to upgrade to this newest version. Flexible configuration options let you run your application in single or two process mode, with RFS on or off, so you have upgrade flexibility. If your business critical MultiValue app replies on UniVerse, learn more so you can plan your upgrade.