Product Spotlight: Rocket Software

Julianna Cammarano, Director, MultiValue and Business Intelligence Product Marketing

Rocket Software

Rocket UniVerse, a core component of the Rocket MultiValue Application Platform, is the backbone of critical business applications around the world. As such, UniVerse must not only meet the demands of today’s applications, but also exceed expectations for performance and reliability.

The latest release of UniVerse rearchitects the core database processing engine to support a highefficiency, high-availability, recoverable file system (RFS). UniVerse now maintains data integrity while providing the accelerated transaction throughput speeds that high-volume business applications require.

RFS, a complement to HA/DR, maintains a persistent change log (journal) so that when unexpected outages occur due to fire, flood, other natural disasters or plain-old network failure, the file system can quickly restore to the last complete transaction. RFS users will:

  • Never lose a transaction,
  • Reduce the risk of file corruption,
  • Expedite restoration when required. R&D test results show that high-volume ATM transaction speeds were 10% faster, and data entry processing was 60% faster. Key performance benefits include:
  • Intelligent queue management combines all record updates into one,
  • Field-level updates eliminates the need to write the entire record in replication, audit logging, and within your own application,
  • Intelligent query optimization evaluates SQL statements and refines the order for optimal processing,
  • Performance monitoring for deep diagnostics pinpoints trouble areas so you can fine-tune your system.

Rocket UniVerse not only meets the demands of modern applications, but exceeds expectations for performance and reliability for critical business applications.

Rocket Software