Product Spotlight: RudderStack

Soumyadeb Mitra Founder & CEO at RudderStack

Don’t settle for another data silo!

Legacy CDPs charge you a premium to keep a copy of your data. What you end up with is a very expensive, less secure black box. Since our inception in 2019, RudderStack has taken the position that you can have all the power (or more) of a Segment or other legacy CDP without making compromises on flexibility, security, and cost.

RudderStack doesn’t store your data, freeing you up to securely collect and integrate as much data as you need. We’re also built for data teams, not marketers. That means you get code rich data governance, blazingly fast warehouse sync times, and API-based features that integrate with your existing dev workflows.

Last but not least, we help you build complete customer profiles on your own warehouse, meaning you have a single source of truth, on your terms, in your own data store.