Product Spotlight: SAS

Oliver Schabenberger,


SAS has focused on solving business problems using analytics since 1976. The company offers software for the entire analytics life cycle, from data access and preparation, analytical discovery, through to production and management. Organizations that rely on SAS products and solutions derive measurable value from their analytics programs, addressing diverse needs and scaling with growing data volumes all from a resilient and trusted platform.

SAS supports the process of embedding analytics for operational decision making, in-memory, in-cloud, in-Hadoop, in-Stream, in-Device, and in-database. It also has a decision management offering for automating repeatable operational decisions and event streaming for
automating decisions in low latency systems.

Development focus is on improving productivity, increasing accessibility to analytics and driving efficiency across the complete analytics lifecycle. For example, the company is investing heavily in embedding artificial intelligence into its products, and has offered machine learning for decades. For instance, new capabilities include natural language interaction to its Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, and Visual Text Analytics Products in an upcoming release. The company has plans to release a data discovery product which will bring AI to data preparation and assessment, automating the ETL data profiling process.