Product Spotlight: SentryOne

Douglas McDowell, Chief Strategy Officer


We’re in an era of exponentially increasing data: Forbes estimates that 90 percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years. As a result, the pressure on data professionals to effectively manage complex data environments gets more intense. Ensuring fast data performance, successfully migrating databases to the cloud, keeping track of data dependencies, and ensuring data compliance are job requirements that get more challenging as organizations and their data systems grow.

SentryOne is focused on helping data pros take charge of their data estates with solutions for cloud-first, cloud-only, and hybrid environments. We provide the most actionable performance metrics available for SQL Server databases running on premises or on Azure or AWS. This fall, we introduced SentryOne Cloud, a suite of cloud products that helps data managers deliver accurate data to end users with benefits that are inherent to cloud solutions, including ease of configuration and installation, easy access, intuitive design, and continuous updates through a convenient subscription pricing model.

The suite includes three essential data management solutions:

  • SentryOne Monitor, our cloud solution for monitoring SQL Server database performance, builds on the foundation of our top-rated flagship product, SQL Sentry.
  • SentryOne Document is a cloud solution for documenting databases, analyzing data lineage, and creating data dictionaries. SentryOne Document makes it easier to understand the origin of your data, ensuring that your company stays compliant with data privacy regulations.
  • SentryOne Test, introduced earlier this year, is an automated framework for validating data throughout the app-centric data lifecycle.

The introduction of SentryOne Cloud is an important milestone for SentryOne in our quest to help data managers gain control of ever-expanding data estates, with solutions that scale to meet growing demands.