Product Spotlight: SingleStore

SingleStore offers SingleStoreDB, a distributed SQL database that powers high-throughput transactions, low-latency analytics and context from real-time data. SingleStoreDB empowers the world’s makers to build, deploy and scale modern, intelligent applications—backed by streaming data ingestion, a unique table type that supports both transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads, limitless point-in-time recovery and a distributed, MySQL-compatible architecture.

With support for streaming data ingestion (Pipelines), a unique table type that supports both transactions and analytics (Universal Storage), separation of compute and storage (unlimited storage), limitless point-in-time recovery (PITR), SingleStoreDB provides fast-growing companies the ability to build and scale real-time applications and analytics, generative AI applications and more. All this comes with compelling price performance. SingleStore customers often report 2-3x better TPC-H performance at a fraction of the cost of multiple technologies for OLTP, OLAP, ETL, NoSQL, etc. See our benchmarks here

Finally, as AI profilerates, the need for real-time data will only increase as timeliness improves quality of outputs. Organizations will need data planes to process and analyze data in diverse formats while vectorizing data streams as they’re ingested and used in AI applications. This means they’ll look to minimize data movement, complexities and latencies to power their AI applications. simplified architecture along with real-time capabilities is how we make scalability a reality for organizations. And SingleStore can help companies do this by focusing on simplicity at scale.