Product Spotlight: Sisense

Businesses today must respond to evolving market changes and customer expectations by pivoting to digital-first. Customers want to engage with their data in more complex ways and expect AI-driven analytics insights out-of-the-box. Organizations are keen to leverage the power of analytics to deliver value but are often frustrated by the inflexibility of existing business intelligence (BI) solutions. Sisense Fusion bridges the gap within analytics adoption with a paradigm shift—the next generation of BI.

Previous BI generations offered analytics as IT-led, code-heavy, static dashboard offerings that were slow to deliver the insights that business owners need to drive innovation. Business users had to chase the insights, resulting in low adoption rates. Sisense Fusion offers a new way of experiencing analytics by infusing it everywhere for both code-first, and no-code users. Integrated deeply into workflows to eliminate friction, accessing analytics becomes ingrained in decision-making. Further, Sisense Fusion powered by AI automates insights and prompts next questions and actions, helping non-technical users to better understand what their data is saying to leverage the full potential of analytics.

Sisense Fusion’s cloud-agnostic, best-in-class API-first platform provides the flexibility and scalability to fully customize and white-label the analytics experience for users. Sisense’s unique and high-performing Elasticube with live data connectors facilitates the complex data analysis that customers require to infuse actionable intelligence everywhere.

Over 2000 premier global companies including Gitlab, UiPath, Nasdaq, GE, and Rolls-Royce trust Sisense to power their analytics offerings. Innovate with embedded analytics to get the leading edge.