Product Spotlight: Sisu Data

Peter Bailis Founder and CEO

In a world with nearly free data storage and nearly infinite compute, the bottleneck in analytics has shifted. We don’t need a better warehouse. We need a new kind of analytics engine that can make far better use of the data companies have on hand. The decades-old model of manually slicing and dicing data in traditional BI tools is no longer sufficient.

Caught between the increasing complexity of enterprise data and the need to deliver insights to the business quickly, analytics teams are racing to not only understand which metrics are changing, but why. And the relentless pace of business means they have to serve these competing needs faster than ever. To keep up, analytics teams need new tools to augment the analytics process, accelerating their ability to diagnose root-cause changes and proactively offer insights to the business.

Based on years of research at Stanford University and proven at scale at Microsoft, Samsung, and Facebook, Sisu is the only augmented analytics platform purpose-built for the scale and complexity of today’s enterprise data. Sisu actively monitors every KPI your business tracks and identifies the key drivers behind every change. In seconds, Sisu tests millions of possibilities to explain why metrics are changing and surfaces useful insights that inform more confident decisions. It’s the fastest and most comprehensive augmented analytics platform in the world.

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