Product Spotlight: SolarWinds

With support for over 10 major database platforms, SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) empowers database administrators (DBAs) to pinpoint the root cause of performance problems typically in seconds or minutes. Every query has different response times, which will vary during high-volume business hours vs. low-volume times. Anomaly detection powered by machine learning separates DPA from legacy performance monitoring products by allowing DBAs to identify abnormal query performance on Monday at 9 a.m. vs. 2 a.m., for example. In addition to query and index tuning, DPA’s wait-based analytics zeroes in on why a query is slow, such as from VM delays of resource consumption for CPU or storage. With down-to-the-second monitoring, DPA transforms tuning from reactive to proactive by identifying the best optimization opportunities based on actual workload. Rely on an intuitive interface that visualizes every aspect of the system affecting performance whether your database is in the cloud or on-premises. Supported Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Azure SQL Database, MariaDB, Db2, and over a dozen more.