Product Spotlight: Starburst Data

Justin Borgman Co-Founder & CEO

Since its inception in 2017, Starburst has enabled organizations to modernize their data access and analytics with Starburst Enterprise. Based on open-source Trino, Starburst Enterprise is a data analytics query engine that enables access to data anywhere, addressing data silos and speed of access problems, while providing critical features to ensure security, scalability, ease of deployment, and support.

This past year, Starburst enhanced its flagship product, Starburst Enterprise, with a new emphasis on the creation, curation, and sharing of data products, and also launched Starburst Stargate to act as a global gateway for cross-cloud and hybrid-cloud analytics. Additionally, Starburst also has a cloud managed service offering, Starburst Galaxy, which offers the flexibility to run interactive and ELT workloads in one query engine—with easy and fast access to your data lake, data warehouse, data lakehouse, and other data sources. The latest capabilities in Starburst Galaxy enable fast SQL analytics directly on the data lake, while also providing federation capabilities across some of the most popular cloud data sources. This enables organizations to adopt a single open platform for both interactive and batch analytics, without the need to first centralize data in a proprietary data warehouse. Starburst Galaxy decreases time-to-insight with production-ready Trino with enterprise-ready enhancements, built-in security, and an easy-to-use interface.

With a recent record year of growth for the SaaS industry, Starburst is providing differentiated solutions for enterprises by breaking away from traditional data warehouses that often lead to partial insights and vendor lock-in. As the analytics engine for modern data lake analytics and Data Mesh, a new architectural framework for data management, Starburst allows teams to securely and seamlessly access their data where it lives.

Starburst Data