Product Spotlight: Syniti

Data Jumpstart is a powerful data quality assessment solution for enterprise customers looking for visibility into the state of their data quality and what it means to their bottom line. Whether a business is assessing data quality to improve operations, gain visibility into their future governance needs, or prepare for a data migration, Data Jumpstart delivers meaningful insights in as little as a week.

The solution provides clarity into how data quality impacts the company as well as individual business processes, like procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, materials management, and finance. By leveraging smart technology that embeds 25 years of data best practices, Data Jumpstart delivers insights with minimal manual effort in areas including:

  • Data Relevancy: Define opportunities to reduce data volume loads by leveraging technical and functional relevancy and data archiving scanners
  • Data Cleansing: Identify the impact of dirty and duplicate data with industry-leading, AI-driven data matching software
  • Data Quality: Find defects and identify business upside with hundreds of vetted data quality rules and reports. Prioritize high value projects that will deliver quick wins

Data Jumpstart is unique in its ability to connect data quality directly to business upside with Business Outcome Dashboards. For enterprises looking to build a compelling business case and define a clear return on investment for data quality, these novel dashboards identify potential cost savings, cashflow improvements, and ROI tied to data-related business initiatives.

Depending on customer requirements, Data Jumpstart can be supported by Syniti’s expert data consultants with or without the participation of global SI partners.