Product Spotlight: Teleport

Alexander Klizhentas CTO, Teleport

We’re thrilled that Teleport has been selected for the DBTA 2022 List of Trend Setting Products!

The Teleport Access Plane empowers engineers to quickly and securely access any computing resource, anywhere on the planet.

With Teleport Database Access, engineers can consolidate access to PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, implement security, prevent data exfiltration, meet compliance requirements, and have complete visibility into access and behavior for all databases across all

Teleport Database Access provides:

Access that doesn’t get in the way

Unified Database Catalog

  • List all databases a user has access to, across all environments, with a single CLI command or via a live view in a browser.

Superpowers for your Tools

  • Teleport automatically configures your favorite command line tools like `psql` and `mysql` to work with the Teleport identity-aware proxy.

Unified Connectivity

  • Teleport automatically routes user connections to databases behind NAT, cloud VPCs, edge networks, even on field-deployed IoT platforms!

Secure databases and meet compliance requirements

Access Controls

  • Teleport offers all required access controls to implement compliance standards like SOC2, PCI, and FedRAMP.

Access Requests

  • Users can request elevated privileges which can be approved or denied via Slack, PagerDuty, or customized requests via the programmable API.

Complete visibility into access and behavior

Audit Log

  • Commands executed within session are tied to user identities and sent to a centralized destination of choice such as SIEM solutions.

Live Session View

  • Administrators can see all live client sessions across all databases, getting an instant picture of what’s happening.