Product Spotlight: TigerGraph

Gaurav Deshpande, VP Marketing


Graph database and analytics is now accessible to everyone.

TigerGraph Cloud enables everyone to benefit from graphbased analysis. TigerGraph Cloud is built for people who would rather be building innovative applications to deliver new insights as opposed to managing hardware and configuring software. With TigerGraph Cloud anyone can get started in minutes, build a proof-ofconcept model in hours, and deploy to production in days.

  • TigerGraph Cloud Starter Kits contain pre-built schemas, with sample dataset & queries and graph algorithms. These not only cover the most popular use cases such as fraud detection, explainable AI, machine learning, recommendation, knowledge graph, hub or influencer detection, referral networks, community detection, social network and supply chain analysis, but also cover specific industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, internet, eCommerce and telecom.

  • TigerGraph GraphStudio is an intuitive solution development kit (SDK) with an integrated data science workbench purpose-built for connected data. TigerGraph GraphStudio makes it simple to traverse connected business entities, find connections among payments, claims, orders, customers and citizens, discover meaningful behavior patterns such as fraud rings and propensity to buy a specific product, and search the dataset for matching entities and patterns, all within an easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface.

  • TigerGraph Cloud “My Solutions” Dashboard simplifies starting or stopping a graph-based solution in the cloud with a few clicks: no need to worry about setting up your own cloud account, configuring a machine instance or sorting through privacy or security of the data. TigerGraph Cloud platform handles all of it.