Product Spotlight: Vertica

Jeff Healey Director Vertica Marketing

The Vertica Unified Analytics Warehouse

Imagine a time when data lakes and data warehouses converge to deliver greater insights from all data. Data scientists and data analysts work together to derive greater predictive insights. Any deployment option is available to ensure a unified experience. That time is now, and it’s time to unify your analytics. Trusted by AT&T, Cerner, Uber, The Trade Desk, and many other data-driven organizations, Vertica is the Unified Analytics Warehouse that solves three pervasive challenges. HDFS data lakes represent a significant investment for many companies, but the value does not equal original expectations. Combined with the explosion of cloud object storage, organizations struggle even more to unify their data. Second, organizations favor a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud (cloud and on-premises deployment) strategy as they face cloud vendor lock-in, costs, and migration challenges. Finally, machine learning is no longer a data science project, but a vital part of an organization’s data capability. It must be put into production to deliver predictive analytics in time to take action.

Vertica is a Unified Analytics Warehouse that:

  • Unifies HDFS data and Object Storage data lakes to capitalize on storage investments and maximize business value.
  • Unifies deployment options spanning multi-cloud and on-premises to embrace cloud innovations, prevent lock-in, and meet regulatory and security requirements.
  • Unifies the data science community with the business analyst and IT community, enabling each to continue using their preferred tools and languages while operationalizing machine learning at scale for real-time predictive analytics.