Product Spotlight: erwin, Inc.

Mariann McDonagh, Chief Marketing Officer

erwin EDGE

We developed the erwin EDGE platform to deliver an “enterprise data governance experience,” so the modern business can accelerate the transformation of mission-critical data into accurate and actionable insights.

The erwin EDGE ensures collaboration between IT and the business to discover, understand and unlock the value of data both at rest and in motion. With data governance at the hub, it brings together business process, enterprise architecture, data mapping and data modeling to simplify the complete data management and governance lifecycle. And it features the broadest set of metadata connectors and automated code generation, data mapping and cataloging tools available today.

This single, integrated solution makes it possible to gather business intelligence, conduct IT audits, ensure regulatory compliance and accomplish any other organizational objective by fueling an automated, high-quality and realtime data pipeline.

With the erwin EDGE, organizations can:

  • Discover data: Identify and integrate metadata from various data management silos.
  • Harvest data: Automate the collection of metadata from various data management silos and consolidate it into a single source.
  • Structure data: Connect physical metadata to specific business terms and definitions and reusable design standards.
  • Analyze data: Understand how data relates to the business and what attributes it has.
  • Map data flows: Identify where to integrate data and track how it moves and transforms.
  • Govern data: Develop a governance model to manage standards and policies and set best practices.
  • Socialize data: Enable stakeholders to see data in one place and in the context of their roles.

erwin, Inc.