Product Spotlight: erwin, Inc.


Data is more relevant than ever, with organizations from every industry dependent on it for smart decisionmaking in resetting priorities, meeting compliance challenges resulting from those changes, and eventually being prepared to capitalize on new opportunities.

erwin has continued to respond to our customers’ needs in all these areas by innovating across our own solutions. That’s especially true for the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI) for metadata management, data governance, cloud migration and other massive digital transformation efforts.

Now more than ever, enterprises must be able to find, navigate, understand and use their most valuable data assets to full advantage in line with governance protocols. erwin DI uniquely addresses the needs of both the business and IT in not only safeguarding against risks but also harnessing opportunities.

The latest version of erwin DI, with data catalog, data literacy and built-in automation capabilities, makes it easier for organizations to tailor the solution to meet the needs of their data governance frameworks and workflows to speed the discovery of valuable data insights. Other enhancements include:

  • Updated UI, workflow and search to speed navigation, asset discovery, contextual understanding and data governance management
  • Expanded AI to enrich metadata scanning and speed the handling of sensitive data for automated GDPR and CCPA compliance programs
  • Greater visibility into business and data lineage through new vantage points, filters and drilldowns
  • Improved socialization and collaboration features to increase business user engagement and capitalize on organizational data quality knowledge