Who to See at Oracle OpenWorld 2015: Axxana


275 Grove Street
Suite 2-400
Auburndale, MA 02466
Phone: 1-781-304-4681


Axxana’s Phoenix System provides a Zero Data Loss (ZDL) disaster recovery solution for Oracle, protecting your “last mile” replication data, that will be lost when disaster strikes. Axxana’s solution augments and transforms Data Guard and Storage replication and achieves database Zero Transaction Loss (ZTL), down to the latest committed transaction. The Phoenix system spans over unlimited distances and without the need for costly communication lines between Primary and DR data centers. The Phoenix System accomplishes full database consistency at the remote site across all databases and applications, enabling the shortest possible business down-time. Axxana brings long distance and lowest cost ZDL/ZTL to Exadata, ODA and host based Oracle systems, including 11g and 12c Far Sync. Visit Axxana stand 640 to find how we can cost effectively protect your data while minimizing recovery time.

OOW booth #640, Moscone South