Winners' Circle: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Winners' Circle by Raju Gulabani VP Databases, Analytics and Machine Learning

Many thanks to the readers of DBTA for selecting AWS in four award categories this year. At AWS, over 90% of our roadmap is the result of feedback we receive from customers, and we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate on your behalf.

Nearly 9 years ago, we introduced Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) based on customer requests to lower the cost and complexity of database management. Today, Amazon RDS is part of a growing portfolio of cloud-based database and analytics services. Customers are building scalable applications with relational and non-relational databases, gathering and analyzing data from the Internet of Things, creating data lakes in conjunction with Amazon S3, and much more.

We introduced Amazon Aurora to address customer requests for a database with the performance and availability of commercial databases at the price of open source. Aurora provides MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility and has been the fastest growing service in AWS history. We’re continuing to introduce Aurora innovations such as Aurora Serverless, which automatically scales capacity to match your application needs, Aurora Backtrack, which lets you quickly recover from user errors, and Aurora Multi-Master, which scales out write performance across multiple Availability Zones for higher scalability and availability.

To migrate your databases to the cloud quickly and securely, you can use the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS). So far, over 85,000 databases have been successfully migrated with DMS. We’re excited that our database services provide the scalability and availability that your applications need while driving down your database costs.