Winners' Circle: Attunity


Winners' Circle by Shimon Alon, Chairman & CEO

 Attunity: Experts in Enterprise Big Data Management 

To gain value from Big Data, enterprises must first understand their data usage. Understanding who is using which data and how often, and which data to move and when, enables efficient data management and optimal analytic results. However, this is not an easy task given that data volumes, data types and velocities continue to increase IT complexity. Bringing innovative advancements to this area is Attunity, a provider of high-performance Big Data management software solutions.

Attunity’s solutions enable data usage analytics and information availability across enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud. With 20+ years of experience, Attunity serves more than 2000 customers, including half of the Fortune 100, across all industries. Solutions include data usage analytics, data replication with change data capture (CDC), data warehouse automation, data connectivity, enterprise file replica¬tion & transfer, and cloud data delivery.

Through direct selling and partnerships with the top hardware and software vendors in the world, Attunity provides users with easy-to-use applications that can assess, move and manage large amounts of data with high performance. The firm simplifies data usage assessment and movement in a refined manner for heterogeneous environments by eliminating the time-consuming process of scripting.