Winners' Circle: Attunity

Winners' circle by Itamar Ankorion, Chief Marketing Officer

Optimize Your Modern Data Architecture with Attunity’s Streaming CDC Technology

Today’s analytics initiatives are changing how data needs to be moved, stored, processed, and analyzed. It’s easy to underestimate the resulting organizational and technical challenges. To achieve the promise of analytics, underlying data architectures need to process high volumes of fast-moving data from many sources, efficiently and in real-time.

Enter change data capture (CDC) technology. CDC can modernize your data and analytics environment with scalable, efficient and real-time data integration that does not impact mission-critical production systems.

Many companies, including half the Fortune 100, use Attunity solutions. Attunity Replicate with CDC, a universal and real-time data integration solution, helps these enterprises complete their strategic data initiatives by providing an automated, end-to-end approach that supports nearly 40 different source and target systems. Its award-winning, universal, and fully-automated data integration platform includes:

• Intuitive GUI to automate data ingestion and integration end to end
• Easy to set up and implement with minimal training required
• High performance with real-time updates, leveraging enterprise-class CDC
• Broad support across many source and target platforms
• Centralized monitoring and control with scheduling, notifications, and alerts

To learn more, check out Attunity’s new book, Streaming Change Data Capture—A Foundation for Modern Data Architectures, by technology experts Kevin Petrie, Dan Potter, and Itamar Ankorion. It serves as a practical guide for enterprise architects, data managers and CIOs as they navigate their way around CDC technology to enable modern data lake, streaming and cloud architectures.

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