Winners' Circle: BackOffice Associates

RexWinners' Circle by Rex Ahlstrom, Chief Strategy Officer

The global BackOffice Associates team is honored to receive this year’s DBTA Readers’ Choice Award for Best Data Governance Solution. This recognition from DBTA’s readership for our flagship Data Stewardship Platform (DSP) is a testament to our mission of empowering business users to manage their complex information governance needs, including aligning data initiatives with key business processes to drive intended results.

Our BackOffice Associates team understands that, with millions of dollars at stake and teams extending across the globe, organizations cannot afford the risk and cost of erroneous, incomplete or misaligned corporate data. Whether migrating to new systems due to M&A activity or undertaking a corporate data management initiative to streamline customer, financial, HR and other types of data, we know that data modernization requires a comprehensive, automated approach backed by decades of industry expertise.

To meet market demands for predictable, sustainable data quality, our DSP offers enterprises a next-generation, uniform platform of functions and capabilities designed specifically to help them keep pace with rapidly changing business conditions that affect data quality and information governance. The DSP delivers the core data quality, data migration and information governance functionality required by business users to achieve business-ready data. We look forward to continuing offering organizations market-leading data management solutions and guidance to help them achieve long-term data quality and information governance success.

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