Winners' Circle: BackOffice Associates

Winners' Circle by Rex Ahlstrom, Chief Strategy & Technology Officer, BackOffice Associates

It is an honor to receive the DBTA Readers’ Choice Award for Best Data Governance Solution for the fourth consecutive year. With the continuous explosion of new innovations impacting the enterprise data industry—from the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to increased adoption of cloud-centric business suites—it is our mission at BackOffice Associates to help organizations utilize data as a true corporate asset. This means guiding global organizations through data transformations that drive business innovation, process excellence and compliance, among other key business results. With the foundation of our award-winning Data Stewardship Platform (DSP), BackOffice Associates offers a comprehensive solution for connecting all steps of the enterprise data governance journey, from setting and executing data policies through enforcing data rules and archiving data.

As today’s leading enterprises are quickly migrating to agile cloud-based system landscapes and looking to involve cross-departmental stakeholders in data collaboration, it no longer makes sense to rely on a small Center of Excellence to govern corporate data initiatives. Instead, we are strong advocates for a crowdsourced information governance approach for leveraging the collective knowledge of all corporate business users while maintaining accountability for data quality standards across the full organization. Our solutions are built to automate this process and capture all contributions from business and data experts according to business-driven governance policies—thus connecting data
to business outcomes.

BackOffice Associates’ data governance solutions are designed to deliver superior customer performance by unlocking the power of data. Performing data migration, archival, quality, analytics, master data management and business process governance, we help organizations design, set, execute and enforce data policies across all data and systems for world-class governance.

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