Winners' Circle: CA ERwin®


Winners' Circle by Danny Sandwell, Product Manager

The entire CA ERwin® Modeling team would like to thank the DBTA readers for the “Best Data Modeling Tool” award and their continued support and allegiance. In today’s information-driven economy, data-centric initiatives such as data governance and business intelligence are at the forefront of many organizations’ strategic priorities. We at CA Technologies understand that data is an asset and a key raw material that runs your business—whether it’s making strategic decisions based on quality information—or making data management more efficient to save time and cost.

CA ERwin® plays a critical role at the center of these initiatives, delivering a solution that provides collaborative, model-driven design, architecture and governance for a wide range of enterprise data assets. CA ERwin® continues to be the standard by which technical data modeling tools are measured. Our broad coverage of traditional and “Big Data” data sources, intuitive implementation of common design workflows focused on reusable, standardized artifacts, “out of the box” integration and exchange with associated data management solutions, collaborative web-based access for non-technical stakeholders and fully integrated, model-driven data governance capabilities enable our users to effectively and efficiently create and manage complex data architectures and their components. This holistic solution helps organizations to unite the creation, management and control of disparate data sources, unify the efforts and expertise of data stakeholders and accelerate the rate of return on data-driven initiatives, while reducing the associated costs and risks inherent in a data-driven approach.

CA ERwin®