Winners' Circle: Denodo


Winners' Circle by Ravi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer

Organizations have long used data as a strategic tool to better run their businesses. But making business-critical information available in a timely fashion is not easy because relevant data resides in disparate and, often, siloed systems spread across the enterprise. Business users waste time piecing together the data from these different systems and then correlating it, while IT teams try to automate the process using legacy data integration techniques like extract-transform-load (ETL), which is time-consuming and expensive.

Data virtualization is the more agile data integration style that presents the relevant, interrelated data, in real-time and with a consistent format, irrespective of underlying database systems, structures, and storage. Since data virtualization doesn’t replicate or store data, it delivers the complete, business-critical information at a fraction of the cost and time. Business users benefit from faster access to data and IT teams continue to deliver data undisrupted without worrying about changes to the underlying systems.

Denodo is the leader in data virtualization—providing unmatched performance, unified access to the broadest range of enterprise, big data, cloud and unstructured sources, and the most agile data services provisioning and governance—at less than half the cost of traditional data integration. Denodo’s customers have gained significant business agility and ROI by creating a unified virtual data layer that serves strategic enterprise-wide information needs for agile BI, big data analytics, web and cloud integration, single-view applications, and SOA data services across every major industry