Winners' Circle: Denodo

DenodoWinners' Circle by Ravi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Denodo

Companies need real-time access to critical data, so they can increase revenue via improved cross-selling and up-selling efforts; maintain compliance with increasingly stringent industry-specific and regional regulatory requirements; and reduce costs by streamlining operational, supply-chain, and business processes.

However, data is siloed across disparate systems, hindering real-time access across cloud and on-premises systems. Traditional data integration tools, such as ETL processes, are too resource-intensive for integrating cloud and on-premises data sources, and they cannot integrate streaming data and data-at-rest in real time. It is also challenging to use ETL processes to maintain consistent policies for data access and governance across silos.

Data virtualization provides the perfect solution by modernizing data integration. Rather than moving copies of the data to a new, integrated repository, data virtualization provides integrated views of the data across the disparate sources in real time, abstracting consumers of the data from the complexities of access. By avoiding data replication, data virtualization reduces development time and overall TCO. And because it provides the data in real time, data virtualization enables timely decision-making. To top it all off, data virtualization simplifies data security, privacy, and audit through centralized metadata, security, and governance.

Denodo provides an innovative data virtualization platform that is many years ahead of its competitors. The Denodo Platform delivers easier access to information for agile BI, big data analytics, and cloud integration. As a testament to the value of Denodo technology, hundreds of customers across five continents in more than 30 industries rely on the Denodo Platform for mission-critical projects.