Winners' Circle: Denodo

Winners' Circle by Ravi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer

Business users are demanding faster access to integrated data, while management is demanding more effective overall data governance. But organizations are hindered by traditional data integration approaches, which cannot accommodate streaming data, feeds from social media platforms, completely unstructured data, and other emerging formats. The sheer volume of incoming data is straining traditional approaches.

Organizations are in need of a more agile form of data integration, and data virtualization meets that need head-on. Rather than replicating data to a new, centralized location, data virtualization provides real-time access to the data, wherever it resides, no matter the format. For this reason, it can complement any existing infrastructure.

Data virtualization has been maturing over the years and can now further accelerate operations like push-down optimization, supported by massive parallel processing (MPP) capabilities. Beyond data integration, today’s data virtualization solutions also address data management, by offering features such as data catalogs, for unified views of trusted data. Data virtualization can now be seamlessly scaled across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, to more effectively manage massive, diverse deployments, supported by hundreds of cores of CPU power.

Denodo Platform 7.0, released earlier this year, is ahead of the curve in terms of data virtualization solutions. It supports MPP for the fastest possible performance, and it is the first data virtualization solution to not only offer a data catalog, but also one that is seamlessly connected with data delivery, for true self-service data access. Denodo Platform 7.0 can be deployed in multi-cloud, hybrid, and edge scenarios, to better support today’s and tomorrow’s enterprise-scale, multipledepartment infrastructures.