Winners Circle: Denodo

Winners' Circle by Ravi Shankar Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Data science is currently in vogue, and for a very good reason. With increasing competition and government regulations, it has become more complex to operate a business, so companies are now employing data scientists, who create data models with which to discover insightful business patterns. To do so, they need access to all enterprise data, but with data exploding across data centers, the cloud, and the IoT, it has become challenging to unite this data into a single location.

IT stakeholders have tried to centralize these disparate data sources into a data lake, but such efforts have largely been unsuccessful. According to a leading analyst firm, only 17% of data lake projects have gone into production, which means that 83% either are in the process of becoming live or have utterly failed. Data virtualization promises a better, more successful alternative.

Rather than replicate all of the data from disparate locations into a single physical data lake, data virtualization provides a
holistic view of all enterprise data through a logical data layer. Even better, it normalizes this view into standard, structured formats and provides numerous options for accessing it. With data virtualization, data scientists are able to easily build multiple models to discover data patterns.

The award-winning Denodo Platform provides innovative capabilities specifically for data scientists. In addition to offering a standard SQL interface to the data, the Denodo Platform enables them to also use R and Python. The next release of the Denodo Platform will integrate Zeppelin Notebook, enabling data scientists to share models with peers with even greater ease. This next version of the Denodo Platform will also provide recommendations to data scientists on the most popular data models. The Denodo Platform employs machine learning to provide trusted, actionable intelligence to data scientists.