Winners' Circle: Denodo

Winners' Circle by Ravi Shankar, SVP and CMO

With the continued disruptions to the business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are seeking to quickly adapt their business to the new norm—reduced revenue, budget, and staff—to stay a step ahead. Data virtualization enables companies to quickly pivot to lower-operational-cost technologies such as the cloud, while allowing their business users to continue their revenue-producing operations without interruption.

Two additional benefits of Data Virtualization in the cloud is the ability to integrate with 3rd party data such as logistics or supply chain, and to also provide a single unified data governance layer.

The award-winning Denodo Platform propels data virtualization to the forefront with innovations that modernize today’s
data management:

  • Hybrid cloud/multi-cloud integration—Whether it is initial migration to the cloud or further expansion to multiple clouds, Denodo enables organizations to accelerate data integration across different locations while lowering operational costs and leveraging PaaS-style infrastructure automation and autoscaling support.
  • Machine learning/data science automation—With Denodo’s machine learning-aided data catalog, data scientists can discover and prepare data for building complex data models and aid advanced analytics.
  • API/microservices enhancements—New support for execution of GraphQL on top of logical data models promotes a no-code approach to use REST APIs and accelerates adoption of advanced microservices architectures.
  • Hyper performance—Denodo Platform maximizes query delegation and boosts performance to sub-second responses with AI-powered recommendations, and caching and smart query acceleration for frequent, expensive queries.

Through data virtualization, the Denodo Platform offers enterprise-grade data integration and data management solution that rivals legacy integration techniques. With the latest platform, the Denodo Platform advances agile data integration and governed data management, extending Denodo’s reach into new data science use cases and advanced hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.