Winners' Circle: GigaSpaces

Winners' Circle by Adi Paz CEO

Data is the lifeblood of any business. But ask any other CTO, CDO, or Chief Architect what’s keeping them up at night and you’ll hear that it’s making their organization’s data much more accessible and available, and at times - even available in real-time. Organizations today sit on a goldmine of enterprise data, but funneling it to front-end business applications and bringing value to their business’s growth is becoming increasingly complex – stretching deployment cycles and slowing down potential growth and innovation. In fact, a CTO of a large enterprise I’ve recently talked with admitted that companies end up spending more time on integrating new digital services into systems of record than on developing these services in the first place.

GigaSpaces comes to address the challenge of data accessibility with Smart DIH - an out-of-the-box operational real-time data platform that quickly serves applications with accurate fresh and complete data from any enterprise system of record (SoR), delivering an always-on digital experience. Smart DIH is based on the principle of decoupling APIs from systems of record, using a module that replicates all relevant business data and makes it available using event-driven architecture.

Smart DIH removes the bottlenecks of traditional IT architecture that can hinder innovation and slower down the time to market with competitive digital offerings. It enables organizations to drastically shorten the development cycles of new digital services, and rapidly scale to serve millions of concurrent users – whether these are customers, employees, or partners.