Winners' Circle: HP

C MahonyWinners' Circle by Colin Mahony, Sr. Vice President & General Manager

In our Idea Economy, data-driven organizations are thriving by creating new products and services that are trans-forming and often disrupting entire industries. This applies as much to start-ups as to traditional large enterprises that must combine vision with technological agility to turn ideas into reality or risk falling behind, and worse yet, become completely irrelevant.

With HP Haven, the industry’s first comprehensive, scalable, open, and secure platform for Big Data analytics, data-driven organizations can finally deliver actionable insight to drive superior business outcomes in virtually every industry. Delivered via the cloud and on premise, HP Haven is designed to harness 100% of your data—business, human, and machine—to extract business value and gain immediate competitive advantage while powering the next generation of applications and services.

HP Vertica is the next-generation analytics engine that powers HP Haven. HP Vertica’s elasticity, scale, performance, and simplicity are unparalleled in the industry, delivering 50x-1,000x the performance of traditional solutions at 30% the total cost of ownership. HP Vertica is easy to use and deploy, so users get up and running quickly and immediately analyze mission-critical data. And, HP Vertica offers the flexibility to deploy business intelligence where it’s needed—on off-the-shelf hardware, virtual machines, or in the cloud. At its core is a columnar database, purpose-built to take advantage of a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture, and offering a familiar interface and hooks into the analytics ecosystem—from Hadoop to ETL tools to visualization—for easy integration with existing environments.

Colin Mahony leads the HP Software Big Data business group, which is responsible for the full portfolio of HP Software’s Big Data offerings of Information Analytics including Vertica and IDOL, and Information Management & Governance. Prior to leading the Big Data business group, Colin was VP and General Manager of HP Vertica, where he guided the business to significant annual growth and recognized industry leadership. Colin brings a unique combination of technical knowledge, market intelligence, customer relationships, and strategic partnerships to one of the fastest growing and most exciting segments of HP Software.