Winners' Circle: Liaison Technologies

Liaison TechnologiesWinners' Circle by Rob Consoli, Chief Revenue Officer, Liaison Technologies

It’s no stretch to say that data is playing as pivotal a role in economic evolution today as mechanization did in an
earlier age and the advent of the internet did a generation ago. The value of data will only accelerate as new sources come online from multiple directions, including the Internet of Things and social media platforms. But before companies can fully capitalize on their most valuable asset, their data, they must find an efficient way to integrate and manage it.

A recent report developed by Liaison in partnership with The Aberdeen Group revealed that this need to harness data is driving enterprises to replace 84% of all middleware over the next four years as they shift to the cloud to support digital transformation. Liaison’s groundbreaking ALLOYTM Platform provides the answer.

Purpose-built to address resource scarcity as well as data liberation needs, ALLOY is a truly revolutionary platform that solves problems that legacy middleware and traditional integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions can’t address. Liaison’s unique managed services approach adds a whole new dimension to companies’ data strategies, returning bandwidth to data and IT teams while consistently delivering access to clean, harmonized data.

ALLOY is the first cloud-based platform to offer unified integration and data management capabilities. Customers who use ALLOY can break down internal data silos and more effectively integrate data from disparate sources—without the steep overhead costs of handling it in-house. ALLOY enables companies to integrate and manage data securely, meeting dynamic compliance requirements.

Data is the new currency of business, and as informationdrives the economy in the years to come, competence in integrating and managing data will become even more essential for success. ALLOY delivers a central repository of high-quality data to power business analytics. The platform’s advanced microservices architecture and compliance features also allow companies to scale up operations, innovate and drive change confidently as they move toward a data-inspired future.

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